The Trailblazers.FM Podcast Celebrates its 100th Episode

The podcast has now featured over 100 accomplished black professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and corporate leaders.

Trailblazers.FM, the premier podcast exploring the stories of today’s most successful black professionals, celebrates its 100th episode.

Trailblazers.FM has now been downloaded in 108 countries globally. The podcast publishes new episodes on Monday mornings at 5 a.m. ET. Listeners consume episodes via Apple PodcastsSpotifyiHeart RadioStitcher RadioGoogle Play Music and Listeners can also enable the podcast for consumption on their Amazon echo, using the TuneIn app.

Since February 2016, Trailblazers.FM has been highlighting the knowledge, resources, and tools of today’s black trailblazers, to help their listeners, the Blazer Nation, gain the confidence, know-how, and motivation needed to blaze their own trails in life. The podcast’s host Stephen A. Hart is a sought-after brand and marketing strategist, was a standing room only speaker at Podcast Movement 2017 and recognized as a 2016 Black Enterprise BE Modern Man.

As a husband and father of two, Hart’s vision is to create and expand the view of positive images our children and peers see for black role models in the media.

“I remember when I was preparing to launch the podcast, and read about the failures of many young black businesses and professionals, which many times stemmed from the lack of mentorship of other successful black business owners and leaders,” said Stephen A. Hart. “Those of us who were accomplishing some measure of success weren’t reaching back and pouring into the next up and coming generation. The old crab in a barrel mentality was evident. I was determined that through Trailblazers.FM, we would begin to reframe that narrative. My belief is that all boats should and will rise with the tide.”

Hart believes it’s imperative for black professionals to listen to Trailblazers.FM. “You’ll begin to hear stories, failures, strategies, and wisdom, and be inspired by folks that look and sound just like us.” The content produced weekly is mission fuel for the young and old and helps motivate listeners to step into their daily lives prepared to accomplish their own measure of greatness.

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