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Futuri Media Reinvents Show Prep with New TopicPulse Content Stream

Content stream with data-driven topic starters added to powerful story discovery tool…

Futuri Media, a global leader and innovator in media technology, today announced the launch of the TopicPulse content stream, a powerful companion to the groundbreaking story discovery tool that scans thousands of local social posts and news sources every minute to deliver demo-specific insights to broadcasters.

TopicPulse’s new content stream takes its powerful real-time story discovery tools and marries it with the writing and curation skills of radio format experts. Radio partners who log into their TopicPulse account will now see a live stream of content ideas specific to their format and target, based on TopicPulse’s data and curated by Futuri’s team of writers and producers with extensive radio experience.

Intended as a companion to TopicPulse’s powerful story discovery tools, content stream material is written in a way that’s easy to use as-is on-air and on social channels. The content stream is available now in the TopicPulse desktop app and will be live in the mobile app in the coming weeks.

The TopicPulse Content Stream’s data-driven topic starter material is also delivered to radio partners in twice-daily format-specific e-mails intended for morning and afternoon drive show prep.

“Anyone who’s charged with creating compelling live content knows how difficult it can be to keep audiences engaged. We created TopicPulse to add science to the art of show prep and story selection,” said Futuri Media CEO¬†Daniel Anstandig. “We’re thrilled to give TopicPulse’s radio partners these new companion capabilities to make it even easier to make use of TopicPulse’s incredible data-driven story discovery capabilities.”

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