Thank you for being patient and very supportive in this process of development. As you can see on the home page our studios are ready for action and the conversation will be compelling and informative.

Also on the agenda will be an additional podcast to cover and have a dialogue on the current Coronavirus and how it has impacted the African-American community. “Virus In Black” The Podcast, will also address concerns for the Hispanic community as well. They have been overlooked but paralleled closely with African-Americans who are aligned on low waged or NO jobs and have limited access to the proper health and nutritional advances needed to fight this pandemic.

Supporting this podcast will be a website at with videos and stats on the virus daily!

We can never have enough conversation about our lives and take for granted how social media has taken over the world and how we communicate across all platforms including access to video content as well.

Please be safe as we work to return to normal life as we’ve known it but that too shall change and we’re ready to super-serve our followers, families, and friends in the coming days!


Mike Love